Savage Firefly

Reavers Attack

The crew of the tramp trader Weaping Angel transports a load of illicit arms to a colony on Glynis [S/2165 (Dragon’s Egg)05] A hard planet with a crappy ozone layer. That required the crew to wear protective clothing, their VacSuits

After unloading the arms & munitions the crew of the Weaping Angel heads off to the local bar for some R&R when the alarm rings signaling an attack on the colony, Reavers.

While Molly (Medic) stood by waiting to treat any friendly casualties, the Captain hid behind a fallen vending machine ready to supply a grenade where needed.

Bill Nye the Engine Guy & Alister “Animal” Sinclair (Pilot) engaged the rampaging horde of reavers, who charged into a withering hail of automatic weapon fire. After the 1st wave died down Bill & Animal made a baracade out of the dead reavers, well Animal did while Bill lost his lunch.

The 2nd wave was met much like the 1st but several got through the hail of bullets and prepared to storm the tavern when the lil’ old Captain painted the walls of the abattoir by tossing a griswald into their midst.

The 3rd wave was more successful for the reavers, Bill was begining to faulter. Broken ribs & nasty welts from several hits that failed to penetrate his armour were preventing him from keeping his shots on target. Bill was an excellent shot with thousands of hours on the range but this was his first pitched battle, never before had he been in a fight for his life finally his concentration failed him. A reaver broke through the defences pulled Bill up by the hair and gutted him in one stroke. Animal leaped up from his cover quickdrew his service pistol, double tapped the reaver in the head, grabbed Bill & threw him to Molly while he rolled into a defensive position on the other side of the tavern door & continued to lay down covering fire.

Fortunatly soon after Bill went down the raid began to die down. Between a well placed grenade or two from the Captain and the occasional burst from Molly somehow the crew of the Weaping Angel survived.



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