Savage Firefly


Trading in the Verse

There comes a time in history when the good must rise up and fight the oppression, end the crushing dominion of those in control, and restore balance to the ‘Verse…That time, is not now.

After fighting for survival in a war that nobody expected to end at the Battle of Serenity Valley, our quad of adventurers has come together to make a stand for their own freedom, and maybe make a killing on the side. Deals were made, and contracts sealed as the crew of the Weeping Angel, led by the peerless Captain Rosaria, made its way from one end of the verse to the next. Medical supplies were brought to the needy ex-browncoats that were holed up on Lilac, cattle were rustled to starving factory workers, and a despicable plot surrounding an even more despicable man was uncovered after delivering his precious cargo of children.

The crew has just taken on a new, even more dangerous contract on the moon Arminius to run much needed supplies from various caches to the Outer Rim planets so that they might hold back the Reavers who have been surging in more boldly than ever before.



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