Savage Firefly

Subtle Sabotage

After the raid on Glynis the crew of the Weeping Angel helped with the clean up. Animal took his stolen car out to load up bodies after bringing back Bills eviscerated body for surgery. Running out of gas partway to the tavern he looked and asked around for a gas station, the locals taking in his scarred visage, gruff demeanor, and shellshocked eyes gave him directions to the gas station furthest away from them. When Animal finally got his car refueled he decided not to go on a killing spree because he was low on ammo. The chef who stayed on board the ship was traumatized by the experience thinking that reavers were boogieman, stories told to children so they would behave. The chef was told to make only salads for meals. Animal thought this was silly, Reavers eat their meat raw.

When the cleanup was done the Captain was called to a secret meeting with the colony headman to book passage for a small girl.

A short hop later to Haven [S/2164(Deadwood)01] to pick up some steel rebar at the most inefficent warehouse known to man. The warehouse owner apologised for how difficult the loading of the ship was, they had made the process as annoying as possible to annoy the Alliance “tax collectors”. So with the ship loaded with cargo the Weeping Angel flew off into the black to Persephone [S/2040(Lux)02].



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