Savage Firefly

Subtle Sabotage

After the raid on Glynis the crew of the Weeping Angel helped with the clean up. Animal took his stolen car out to load up bodies after bringing back Bills eviscerated body for surgery. Running out of gas partway to the tavern he looked and asked around for a gas station, the locals taking in his scarred visage, gruff demeanor, and shellshocked eyes gave him directions to the gas station furthest away from them. When Animal finally got his car refueled he decided not to go on a killing spree because he was low on ammo. The chef who stayed on board the ship was traumatized by the experience thinking that reavers were boogieman, stories told to children so they would behave. The chef was told to make only salads for meals. Animal thought this was silly, Reavers eat their meat raw.

When the cleanup was done the Captain was called to a secret meeting with the colony headman to book passage for a small girl.

A short hop later to Haven [S/2164(Deadwood)01] to pick up some steel rebar at the most inefficent warehouse known to man. The warehouse owner apologised for how difficult the loading of the ship was, they had made the process as annoying as possible to annoy the Alliance “tax collectors”. So with the ship loaded with cargo the Weeping Angel flew off into the black to Persephone [S/2040(Lux)02].

Reavers Attack

The crew of the tramp trader Weaping Angel transports a load of illicit arms to a colony on Glynis [S/2165 (Dragon’s Egg)05] A hard planet with a crappy ozone layer. That required the crew to wear protective clothing, their VacSuits

After unloading the arms & munitions the crew of the Weaping Angel heads off to the local bar for some R&R when the alarm rings signaling an attack on the colony, Reavers.

While Molly (Medic) stood by waiting to treat any friendly casualties, the Captain hid behind a fallen vending machine ready to supply a grenade where needed.

Bill Nye the Engine Guy & Alister “Animal” Sinclair (Pilot) engaged the rampaging horde of reavers, who charged into a withering hail of automatic weapon fire. After the 1st wave died down Bill & Animal made a baracade out of the dead reavers, well Animal did while Bill lost his lunch.

The 2nd wave was met much like the 1st but several got through the hail of bullets and prepared to storm the tavern when the lil’ old Captain painted the walls of the abattoir by tossing a griswald into their midst.

The 3rd wave was more successful for the reavers, Bill was begining to faulter. Broken ribs & nasty welts from several hits that failed to penetrate his armour were preventing him from keeping his shots on target. Bill was an excellent shot with thousands of hours on the range but this was his first pitched battle, never before had he been in a fight for his life finally his concentration failed him. A reaver broke through the defences pulled Bill up by the hair and gutted him in one stroke. Animal leaped up from his cover quickdrew his service pistol, double tapped the reaver in the head, grabbed Bill & threw him to Molly while he rolled into a defensive position on the other side of the tavern door & continued to lay down covering fire.

Fortunatly soon after Bill went down the raid began to die down. Between a well placed grenade or two from the Captain and the occasional burst from Molly somehow the crew of the Weaping Angel survived.

Trading in the Verse

There comes a time in history when the good must rise up and fight the oppression, end the crushing dominion of those in control, and restore balance to the ‘Verse…That time, is not now.

After fighting for survival in a war that nobody expected to end at the Battle of Serenity Valley, our quad of adventurers has come together to make a stand for their own freedom, and maybe make a killing on the side. Deals were made, and contracts sealed as the crew of the Weeping Angel, led by the peerless Captain Rosaria, made its way from one end of the verse to the next. Medical supplies were brought to the needy ex-browncoats that were holed up on Lilac, cattle were rustled to starving factory workers, and a despicable plot surrounding an even more despicable man was uncovered after delivering his precious cargo of children.

The crew has just taken on a new, even more dangerous contract on the moon Arminius to run much needed supplies from various caches to the Outer Rim planets so that they might hold back the Reavers who have been surging in more boldly than ever before.


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